The 2 Lisas

Both Lisas are long time residents of Toronto and have lived in Lesliville for more 15 years. We were here before it was gentrified; when Hello Toast was an outpost in the east end that people would flock to for brunch and when Queen Street west was truly the wild west. We live and work in the centre of it all and love it! Neighbourhoods have grown and changed over the years and working as real estate agents in such a dynamic market has always been fun and interesting.

As you search for a home you will need someone on your side - someone who will help you find the right place at the right price and protect you along the way. As buying agents, we provide complete and honest representation of your interests and expertise throughout the entire buying process. Both Lisas are Accredited Buyer’s Representatives - the ABR designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation demonstrating our commitment to providing outstanding service to the buyers we work with. In this market, it’s important to have a Trusted Advisor with you along the way:

We Work As A Team -

You benefit by getting both Lisas and you’re never without support. We have complementary skill sets and work together seamlessly. We know you’re at work Monday to Friday 9-5pm so seeing properties will happen on your schedule and if your Lisa is not available - there’s always the other Lisa to step in.

Knowing The Market -

We are active agents working full time in real estate, it’s not a hobby job for us! We are in our second decade as real estate agents buying and selling and possess a full understanding of buyers' and sellers' markets.

Help Arrange Financing - 

Most buyers finance their home purchase and we can assist in locating sources of mortgage loans and comparing different financing options. We can examine how much a buyer can afford and may want to spend. If you're not clear how carrying costs will add up - we will provide that for you.  If you're looking for an investment property, we can provide analytics to determine ROI.

Assist In Finding The Right Home -

No high-pressure tactics here we will stay on top of any new listings in your desired neighbourhood and will set you up to receive emails with all new listings as well. We will aid in narrowing the search until top choices have been identified and assist in analyzing the pros and cons of each property. We will preview properties so you don’t have to waste your time. We will let you know what we see as we view the property, warts and all, for a balanced assessment. 

Provide Negotiating Guidance When Making An Offer -

We will assemble the facts to develop an objective analysis of a property in question and how it relates to the market at large. Then develop a negotiating strategy based on the property, market conditions and buyer priorities.  Both Lisas are seasoned pros with bidding wars and are Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE) with top skills to negotiate the best possible price and protect you along the way. The CNE designation let’s you know we have tackled a comprehensive curriculum to develop a skill set above the rest.

Assist In Finalizing The Closing  -

We are there to navigate inspections, any conditions and manage the details including handling all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted...all mortgage, title and other closing procedures. We have a network of trusted support people we work with - Home Inspectors, real estate Lawyers, Mortgage brokers, Trades people; painters, contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters and incredible Admin Staff to support office services. We don’t leave you once the paperwork is signed - we are there all of the way through.

Getting To Know Us -

Let’s sit down for a coffee and chat. If we like each other we can go out and see some listings. If all goes well, we can formalize things and if something changes in the future just let us know.

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