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Wychwood Park is located in central Toronto. It extends from the corner of Bathurst Street and Davenport Road to the corner of Tyrell and Alcina Avenues. The area offers exclusively detached homes. It is an ideal option for families in the market for luxury real-estate.

Wychwood Park one of Toronto?s most exclusive neighbourhoods. Tucked away within a private ravine atop the rolling wooded hills of the Davenport Ridge, it holds enclave of approximately sixty homes with a tight-knit community. The community has organized their own executive council, which overseas and maintains the private roads and parkland in which Wychwood Park residents reside. However, living in an exclusive neighbourhood with the perks of private roads and abundant privacy does not come free; home owners pay a special ?Wychwood Park tax? which varies depending on the size of each property. There are also several recreational outlets available to residents of Wychwood Park; the area is nestled within a ravine providing beautiful scenery and parkland. It is also home to Taddle Creek pond, which doubles in to a skating rink during the winter. The area is also not far from The Wychwood Public Library and The Hillcrest Community Centre.

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